My name is Graça and I'm from Aveiro.
I currently work as a freelance Photographer to several dance schools in Portugal and to Companhia Nacional de Bailado in Lisbon. 
I have a Bachelor degree in Photography from ESAP, in Oporto and I'm also graduated in New Techonlogies of Communication from University of Aveiro.
I like to get my inspiration in everything that surrounds me. Nature, art, music, photography, design, cinema, places and people. I love to travel and discover new hidden places. I try to photograph everything that catches my attention and always try to learn something new in every experience that I take.
I love to learn new things and to embrace new projects. I recently created a small business where I try to put my talent in practice. It's called "If..." and it's growing! We sell handmade, unique and original pieces.
I also have a facebook page where I sell handmade products to help animals in need. It's called "Alley Cat" an it helped lots of organizations and people that needed help to raise money or food to stray animals.
Family, friends, dance and cats make my day! I love to laugh and make other people laugh.
I try to be positive all the time. I believe that it always brings good to our days.
Skills: graphic design, photography, dance photography, photo editing and retouching. 
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